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Monday, 1 September 2014


There is an excellent piece on The Jacoby Brothers to be found on HILLBILLY-MUSIC.COM (cut and paste the following into your browser -http://www.hillbilly-music.com/groups/story/index.php?groupid=11653
in which Gene's son Wade outlines the brothers story. 

I once read an article on the Jacoby Brothers which stated something to the effect that Red River Dave (Dave McEnry), who was apparently the Brothers manager at the time, set up the TNT label in partnership with Bob Tanner as a vehicle to promote the brothers, and some of the other artists he managed, as well as himself. This notion is given some credence by the fact that McEnry is involved in one way or another in the majority of the early releases in the TNT 1000 series, which date from 1953 and 1954, but I don't think his involvement was long term.

45rpm copy of TNT 1001(Thanks to DrunkenHobo)

BILLBOARD 6th February 1954

(Above) Australian issue of "Bicycle Wreck"

A later version of "Bicycle Wreck" by The Geezenslaw Brothers on which they added an additional verse! 

Master Number CO 51833
Recorded 29th July 1954

Master Number CO 51834
Recorded 29th July 1954

Master Number CO 51835
Recorded 29th July 1954

Master Number CO 51836
Recorded 29th July 1954

Their COLUMBIA session was supposedly the last time they recorded together as the Jacoby Brothers. However, there was a release on TNT in 1961 credited to The Jacoby Brothers; it has been suggested that this was earlier material, but musically, with drums and piano, it fits the later period of time!

"Counting Drops Of Rain" clearly generated some interest as Larry Nolan recorded the song for the RONO label

acknowledgements: William Agenant's COLUMBIA 78 RPM Record Listing 20001 thru 21571 (Joyce Record Club Publication - 1996) for Columbia master numbers and recording date.

Here is one that I completely overlooked, I am indebted to the DrunkenHobo for drawing this release to my attention. Reverse is "Dream Dust", record dates from 1956


  1. Hi Al ,
    when i spent time with Larry Nolen on his ranch in Texas , he seemed to know the brothers real well , adding the pronounciation of their name is ''yacoby bros '' like with the letter Y...
    Its Bob Tanner of TNT, not Bill , as a footnote..
    great work as always...

    1. Thanks Joe, have amended the text accordingly (Bill Tanner to Bob Tanner).