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Saturday, 6 November 2010

JET RECORDS 1914 thru 1917

5621 Washington, Houston, Tx.

Label Owned by Bennie Hess & Leo Holmes

JET 1914 (10)
BENNIE HESS – Singing with String Band
Honky Tonk Town (1914.A) (Delta 3462)
(B. Hess) (No Publisher Noted)
Travelin’ Blues (1914.B) (Delta 3461)
(Shelly Lee Alley – J. Rodgers) (No Publisher Noted)

Delta 3461 / 3462 = c. February / March 1955
Billboard: 4th June 1955

JET 1915 (11)
Lonesome Blues (1915.A) (Delta 3742)
(M. Corley) (No Publisher Noted)
Memories Of You ( 1915.B) (Delta 3741)
(M. Corley) (No Publisher Noted)

Delta 3741 / 3742 = March 1955
Billboard (R&B review): 4th June 1955

Please Note: The topside of my copy of JET 1915 jumps, I have included that faulty recording here as I believe that this is quite an intersting record.

JET 1916 (12)
Some How (1916.A) [(ACA) 3193]
(S. Alley – B. Hess) (No Publisher Noted)
Cold Cold Ways ( 1916.B) [(ACA) 3194]
(S. Alley – B. Hess) (No Publisher Noted)

Billboard: 10th September 1955

JET 1917 (?)
Darlin’ I Love You [(ACA) 3191]
You Broke My Heart [(ACA) 3192]

(ACA) 3191 thru 3194 were mastered for 45rpm on 1st June 1955
This date suggests a virtually certain 1917 number


  1. Thanks I nly had the other version of "Travlin' Blues" By Bennie Hess before I'm Guessing thats = Popularity (TX) 45 - 677 Not sure of date as its listed as 1960 in my guide book but 1970's here http://www.rocky-52.net/chanteursh/hess_b.htm

    anyway judge for your selfs it avalible to download here

    The Drunken Hobo

  2. With the Help of B.J.'s Country & Rock 'N'R Roll 45rpm Collectors Guide & Billboard
    Jet (TX)
    1918 Hosten Slim - Turn Back The Clock To Davy Crockett / Golden Goose (1955)
    1919 Sleepy Skidmore & The lazy Boys - I'm Sending You This Record / Whatta'ya Think I'm Gonna Do (1955)
    1920 Benny Hess - You Can't Catch A Fish / You Are In My Heart To Stay (1955)
    1921 Bob Jeeter - Won't You Take A Look / Don't Tell Those Stories (1955)
    1923 Havey Chamber- Crawfish Gumbo / Gumbo Jubilee (1955)
    1924 Bennie Hess Another Man's Bride / Queen Of Sylvana Beach (1955)
    1925 ?
    1926 Bennie Hess - Country Style Boogie / Forever Gone (1955)
    1927 Doyle Jones - Eve Invented The Blues / ?
    1928 ?
    1929 Bennie Hess Oh! The Man In The Moon Is Santa Claus / Dreamed About X-Mas (1956?)

    Hope this is all correct & helps somebody The Drunken Hobo

  3. 1917 was reviewed in Billboard c&w September 10, 1955

  4. [from Dave Sax]
    Interesting, I just looked in ACA files and there's the note that that ACA 3191 thru 3194 were 'bought in by Rex at Ralphs'. Also confirmed is my suggestion that the 78s were pressed earlier and not by ACA.

    To the rockin' gipsy: You're right that Popularity 45s were far later than 1960. There were two series and one is his first label after moving to Nashville in either late 1969 or in 1970. Then there was a second series and Showtime followed; also a revival of Spade aimed at collectors.