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Thursday, 24 March 2011


Des Plaines. Illinois

I’m Living In A Lonely World (Worry Worry Song)
(Vocal – Oneda & Chuck Harding) (deadwax 101-1)
(Harding) (No Publisher Noted)
Stop Crying On My Shoulder (Vocal – Chuck Harding)
(deadwax 101-2)(Harding) (No Publisher Noted)

Also issued on 78rpm

REPLICA 102 tomorrow


  1. Had a look about... this is probably one of the only record labels that has a wurlitzer organ named after it "The Replica Wurlitzer" as it's still known today. It can be seen here with a brief history http://www.tossd.org/organ.php. Guess the label had such early success recording organist Leon Berry on a Wurlitzer located in a roller rink that they decided to buy one for the studio. Wurlitzers really aren't too hillbilly, but interesting none the less.

  2. My dad is Bill Gifford--he's 84 and lives in Florida. Dad was in Chuck Harding's band along with his friend Dan Putman. Both Bill and Dan left Chuck Harding's band in 1948. Dad and Bill went on to have the Bill and Dan show on a Waco, Tx radio station. While with Chuck, Dad sang Honky Tonk Girl on the orginal recording for Chuck. It was on the flip side of a record--I believe "Talking the Blues". Later the song was recorded by Hank Thompson & again by Johnny Cash. If you have any info, I would appreciate it. ALSO I have a wonderful photograph of the band before my dad & Dan left--7 members. I am trying to publish this but it's not cooperating! You can find me on facebook--Billie Gifford Wilson. Please send me a message if you have information.

  3. Hi--My dad is Bill Gifford. He was in Chuck Harding and the Colorado Cowhands. Dad left the band in 1948. I have a picture of the band with the 7 band members at the time. The 7th member was Dan Putman. Dad and Dan left the band and had a radio show in Waco, Tx. It was the Bill and Dan Show. Dad is alive and well and living in Florida. Dan now lives in Arizona. Dan went on to play on the Grand Ole Opry where he retired. Dad continued to play for his own personal enjoyment. The record "Talking the Blues" by Chuck Harding and the Colorado Cowhands has "Honky Tonk Girl" on the flip side. My dad and Dan sang that recording (I believe the original recording/song written by Chuck Harding) of that song that was later sung by Hank Thompson and again by Johnny Cash. I would love to have a recording or better yet a copy of the record. Does anyone have any additional information?

    Dad remembers Teresa, Chuck's daughter, as a small child. In 1954, Chuck was playing in Illinois (I believe it was Calumet City) and dad went to see him. Chuck called dad up on stage where dad sang Honky Tonk Girl with Chuck's wife. Dad says that Chuck was one of his best friends in the music industry. Dad is so excited that we might find out some more about this record. Please help me if you can or steer me in some direction. THANKS! Billie Gifford Wilson on Facebook--send me a message. I will also try and keep an eye here.

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