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Friday, 4 March 2011


The California based RICH label seems to have come and gone, and then returned to come and go again. What makes it a tad complicated is that the company reused the same numerical sequence?

This, seemingly the first incarnation, appears to date from around 1943 or 1944 (or possibly slightly earlier), an assumption which is based upon the lyrical content of "Two Hundred Texas Rangers", which has a wartime theme.

RICH 7112
Somewhere Over There
(Davis – Hammett) (No Publisher Noted)
When The Coyote Howls (At Twilight)
(Davis – Hammett) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7113
(No Information)

RICH 7114
(No Information)

RICH 7115
Down Houston Way (7115.A) (deadwax SA 238)
(Whalen – Wills – Duncan) (No Publisher Noted)
Two Hundred Texas Rangers (7115.B) (deadwax SA 241)
(W. L. Dixon – Lem Giles) (No Publisher Noted)

“Down Houston Way” was re-released on COURTNEY 108.
COURTNEY 108 mentioned in BILLBOARD 13th April 1946

RICH 7116
I’m Thru Wastin’ Time On You (7116.A) (deadwax SA 243)
(Duncan – Whalen) (No Publisher Noted)
Headin’ For Nowhere (7116.B) (deadwax SA 237)
(Davis – Slim Hammett) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7116 was re-released on COURTNEY 110

RICH 7112 and RICH 7116 have following notation on labels
Distributed by: Rich Publications. 504 W. Valley Blvd. El Monte. Calif:

RICH 7115 has the following notation on label
Office: 2638 South Gladys Ave. Garvey. California

1 comment:

  1. Thought I'd point you to this page

    with a comprehensive Beverly Hillbillies discography including the Rich records.

    Also Bb 1945 Sep. 22 mentions that Ezra Pallette & Beverly Hillbillies had recently recorded "Smiles Are Made Out Of Sunshine, Down Houston Way, I'm Thru Wastin' Time On You and Where There's Someone Waiting Just For Me, for Rich Records, which perhaps may indicate that at least some of the tracks with an "SA"-prefix were recorded later than 43/44, or this may just be a slip up or late announcement by Bb.