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Monday, 21 March 2011


Now where was I?

For some reason, which I cannot begin to fathom, the RICH label seems to have restarted reusing the same numerical sequence! There is a notation on the label of these later releases to the effect that the recordings / label design were copyrighted in 1944. The majority of known releases are by the 101 Ranch Boys. The Ranch Boy’s RICH material is being made available on a BACM CD next month, so for the time being I will not upload any audio files of their RICH material.

RICH 7107
Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon? (Vocal – Cliff Brown) (7107.A)
(Rex Griffin) (No Publisher Noted)
Honeysuckle Rose (Instrumental) (7107.B)
(Razuf – Waller) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7108
(No Information)

RICH 7109
Back In The Saddle Again (Vocal – George Long) (7109.A)
(Ray Whitley – Gene Autry) (No Publisher Noted)
Tico – Tico (Tico – Tico No Fuba) (Instrumental) (7109.B)
(Oliveira – Drake – Abreu) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7110
(No Information)

RICH 7111
(I’m Travelin’ Again) Down That Long Long Trail (7111.A)
(Rich – Broughton) (No Publisher Noted)
The Sheep-Herder’s Dream (7111.B)
(Rich – Broughton) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7112
(No Information)

RICH 7113
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring George Long, Andy Reynolds, Smokey Roberts
Cimmaron (Vocal Trio) (7113.A) (M. 8)
(Johnny Bond) (No Publisher Noted)
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring Leonard T. Zinn
Paradise Isle (Instrumental) (7113.B) (M. 2)
(Harry Dupree – Charles Gunther) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7114
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring George Long, Andy Reynolds, Smokey Roberts
Blue Ranger (Vocal Trio) (7114.A) (M. 6)
(Tom Gindhart – Jack Howard) (No Publisher Noted)
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring Andy Reynolds
I’ll Find Someone (Vocal – Andy Reynolds) (7114.B) (M. 3)
(Andy Hanley) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7115
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring Cliff Brown
I Belong To Only You (Vocal – Cliff Brown) (7115.A) (M. 4)
(Cliff Brown) (No Publisher Noted)
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring Smokey Roberts
The 101 Boogie (Instrumental) (7115.B) (M. 1)
(Smokey Roberts) (No Publisher Noted)

RICH 7116
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring George Long, Andy Reynolds, Smokey Roberts
The Timber Trail (Vocal Trio) (7116.A) (M. 5)
(Tim Spencer) (No Publisher Noted)
101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring George Long
Someday, You’ll Be Sorry (Vocal – George Long) (7116.B) (M. 7)
(Andy Reynolds) (No Publisher Noted)

"The Timber Trail" was reissued on the HIGHWAY label

101 RANCH BOYS – Featuring Smokey Roberts, George Long, Andy Reynolds
The Timber Trail (Vocal Trio) (1003) (DH-4-A)
(Tim Spencer) (No Publisher Noted)

Reverse of HIGHWAY 1003 is by Don Paull (With Flynn’s Long Horn Rustlers)


  1. Nice records, and very hard to find too.
    Tell me how can i get the "101 Ranch boys" records?
    I'm a country music collector too, and i have thousands of old 78's records.

  2. Leonard T. Zinn
    Leonard is still playing steel and playing a lot of fime Hawaiian music. I see him at a couple of Hawaiian steel shows every year.