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Sunday, 23 May 2010


1650 Broadway. New York

Down Deep In My Heart (A)
(Hinson) ASCAP
Let’s See You Smile (B)
(Hinson – Molinaro) ASCAP

CAROLINA C-1001 was reviewed in BILLBOARD on the 25th April 1953.
CAROLINA C-1001 was reissued on GOTHAM 431. Composer credits and publishing data taken from GOTHAM release.

CAROLINA C-1002 (No Information)

Your Old Love Is Haunting You Still (A)
(Hinson – Moss) (BMI)
Cotton Picking Baby (B)
(Hinson – Molinaro) (BMI)


  1. Al:

    Following info from Vernon Hester:

    Recorded at Airtone Studios in Phila in 1953.

    Curt Hinson, vocal
    Troy Ferguson, guitar
    Jim Gardner, bass
    Roy Purkey, fiddle
    Junior Adkins, lead guitar
    Vernon Hester, Rickenbacker D-16 lap steel

    Hester has none of his recordings, so any further Hinson sides you can post would be appreciated.

    Hester also recorded with Troy Ferguson, presumably under Ferguson's name. Details unknown.

    Hester says Cotton Picking Baby was put out by Hinson's fan club and sold well locally.

  2. I've verified that the Carolina release came out first, as one might expect with Gotham, but how did they get an address like 1650 B'Way? I believe that's the Brill Building - the HQ of 'professional' Pop songwriters and I guess they rented out a room. And yet Hinson is from Pa. Looks like his fan club really went out on a limb and had big hopes for him. He was a good artist. Dave S.

  3. Curtis Hinson was my uncle. I was young when my mother and father divorced. I did not know until Uncle Curtis' death that he even had a music background. In fact, I am learning more and more each day about that side of my family. If anyone knows anything about his music or how I can purchase anything, please contact me. toneal2020@excite.com
    Thank you...Terri Hinson O'Neal

  4. I am Curt Hinsons daughter Beverly Hinson Lakin. Curt was from NC and lived in De for many years untill his death. His fan club was out of PA cause of him playing his music in PA. He was the home band at Sunset Park in Jennersville Pa in the 1950's. His orginal records label did say New York New York. The family does have some of his music. Thanks for your comments

  5. Love love love my pop pop Hinson. Love Emily Raider Hanson.