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Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Olney. Illinois

You’re Only Making Fun Of Me (Vocal – Jim Gatlin) (E3KB 3723)
(Jim Gatlin) (No Publisher Noted)
I Can’t Live My Life Alone (Vocal – Les Smithhart) (E3KB 3724)
(Les Smithhart) (No Publisher Noted)

Note: WHITE SQUIRREL 100 is a RCA Custom pressing from 1953. WHITE SQUIRREL 100 was also issued as a 45rpm single.

Hear "You’re Only Making Fun Of Me"

Hear "I Can’t Live My Life Alone"


  1. Can you post the Jim Gatlin side? He had 2 great sides with the Super X band on the Rykodisc Mar-Vel CD collection. There they say the band was from Kentucky. Olney is in southern part of state close to Indiana (Mar-Vel's home) and Kentucky.

  2. Wonderful tune. Thanks. And the great label will go on my "squirrel artifacts" shelf.

  3. My dad played with Les Smithheart in the 1950s his name was Clarence Hanks he played the steele guitar.If you have any info. on any record he may have played on i would appreciate knowing. My E-mail address is shermanhanks@att.net thx. for your time

  4. Just wanted to let you know that the Henderson Depot Community Room is working on an exhibit featuring the local hillbilly/country music scene and including Les Smithhart and the Super X Cowboys, as well as James "Spider" Rich, Louis Marshall "Grandpa" Jones and Jim Owen! You can find the Community Room at www.hendersondepot.org (click on links then blog) or 270-830-9707

  5. Boy, oh boy, I searched for this song by Les Smithart for a long, long time. I am now 78 years old and can remember living in Henderson, KY on Collier road a couple of houses down from Les's home and converted chicken house which he make into a fiddle shop. He made wonderful music and wonderful fiddles. Some sold for thousands.
    I could hear Les and the Super X Cowboys practicing and would sneak down there and listen to them. At the time they had a radio show on WSON at noon and I listened to Les, his brothers Johnny and Wally, Doug Oldham,and "Rusty Neck" Pendergrast.

  6. Thanks for this blog. I once lived in Henderson Ky just two doors down Collier road from Les and his fiddle shop. I knew most of the guys in the band. Doug Oldham, Johnny Smithart, Wally Smithart and Ken "Rusty Neck" Pendegraft.

    Al Sandefur