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Friday, 17 September 2010



It Isn't Worth The Tears (1-A 48)
(Harkness - Grieshop) (No Publisher Noted)
Red Long Fingernails (And A Cigarette) (1-B 48)
(Griesop) (No Publisher Noted)

SONG PLUGGER 1 was reviewed in BILLBOARD on April 3rd 1948. Record was re-released on BULLET 669 credited to Joe St.Clair "The Cowboy Of The Air".

Music, Label Scan, and Label Data courtesy of Ronald Keppner.


  1. Joe St. Clair was actually Joe Grieshop, a
    songwriter and publisher from around the Cincinnati area for over 40 years. This was probably his own label because the numbering system appears to be the same that he used years later when he founded the Acorn label. The 1 would be the first release of the year and the 48 would be the
    year, 1948. Red Long Fingernails surfaced again on the Acorn label in 1963 by the Acorn Sisters. Joe also had at least one
    release on that label. He wrote "Roses Have Thorns", "Blue Tennessee Rain", "Where Will I Shelter My Sheep" and many others. He was also artist manager for Kenny Roberts, the Acorn Sisters, Jimmie Williams, and Arnie Lunsford.

    Do you or anyone else know of any other releases on the Song Plugger label?

  2. This is the only release on the label that I have ever come across.

  3. Both sides were released by Joe St. Clair ("The Cowboy of the Air") on Bullet 669 and reviewed by Billboard on November 20, 1948.
    Kenny Roberts, by the way, is still around and living in Greenbrier, Tenn., outside of Nashville.