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Sunday, 5 December 2010


Sometime around the early fifties, or perhaps a little earlier, Four Star produced a series of ET releases for radio station use. These ET’s each contained six tracks comprising principally of material that 4 STAR had commercially released. However, some ET’s contained the odd previously unissued recording. These ET’s were issued in two sets, with twenty five releases in each set; a set of these discs could be purchased from 4 Star for the princely sum of $10.00.

Billy Hughes had an ET release, of the six tracks on the disc two were previously unissued recordings, this previously unissued material was only available on this ET. None of these recordings had any composer credit, although the music clearance was given as BMI.

4 STAR ET 19

You Done Daddy Dirty (19.A)
(Originally released on GILT EDGE 5018)
Had That Kind Before
(Previously Unissued)
Ain’t That Too Bad
(Previously Unissued)

It’s Too Late To Change Your Mind (19.B)
(Originally released on 4 STAR 1282)
I’m Gonna Stop Worrying Over You
(Originally released on GILT EDGE 5018)
I’m Tellin’ You
(Originally released on 4 STAR 1282)

Note: GILT EDGE 5018 was issued as by Buccaroo Billy.




  1. Really nice guitar, fiddle, steel on these sides.

  2. Al:

    Is it confirmed that Billy Everetts on 4 Star 1213, 1214, 1225, and 1227 is NOT Billy Hughes (Everette Ishmael Hughes)?

    Speaking of 4 Star ETs, can you post the Al Vaughn--or any Vaughn, for that matter?

    I think there are a handful of Maddox and Tex Tyler 4 Star ET tracks that were alternate takes or unissued and are not in general circulation as well.

  3. I don't believe that Billy Everetts is Billy Hughes. However, I have no evidence to sustain that notion, aurally Everetts doesn't sound like Hughes. Although given that Billy Hughes real name appears to be Everette Ismael Hughes, I must confess that one could put forward quite a compelling arguement to suggest they are one and the same.

    Regarding Al Vaughn's 4 STAR ET releases I will schedule them to post in the near future.

    1. I was kinda thinking he WAS one & the same. It seems to me that recordings as Billy Everetts were more of a smooth jazz sound, and Billy Hughes was the hillbilly sound. I have some of both on original vinyl. My email for anyone that has info on Billy Hughes/ Everetts vinyl for sale - dmundel@q.com

  4. I have been hopnig to do an Al Vaughn CD for BACM, including some of his unissued tracks...Regarding Billy Everetts, can you post a couple of those? I've never heard any of them, but Hughes is the writer on some of them. If it isn't him singing, I guess it could still be his band with another vocalist. THe band on the Hughes records includes Curley Cochran on steel, Dick Hamilton & George Chumura on guitars, Hughes himself on fiddle. SOme of the later ones include Shorty Marquis on lead & Don Decker on viola. Great stuff. Hughes was a great singer, wrote some great songs and used great musicians.