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Sunday, 10 April 2011


Tanner Manufacturing and Distribution Company San Antonio. Texas

The TANNER label was the precursor of Bill Tanner's TNT label. In addition to the 500 series, there was a 3000 Gospel series.

Releases on TANNER had a novel design feature on the label, you could send your record to anyone and note both your name and the recipients!

Send My Dog Home, Uncle Sam (501.A)
(Dave McEnery) (No Publisher Noted)
Galway Bay (501.B)
(Donavan) (No Publisher Noted)


  1. label shot shown says "& his GANG" not and his band

  2. Tanner intended the "To" and "From" area to be autographed by the artist to a fan. It didn't work because the silver ink repelled india ink.

  3. Correct label credit details now listed - thanks.

  4. Must admit I'm a total sucker for a dog song and this is a great dog song. How about the line "and he'll never lead me like in days of yore, he'll never be a blind boys pal no more", it's just too good! Thanks for posting this one up!!!