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Monday, 22 July 2013



  1. Thanks for these. I posted Home Spun 102 on my blog, and it's nice to have these to go with it.

    1. Thanks - I would urge readers to check out Derik's web site - http://somelocalloser.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=NORMA+WEST

  2. Divshare does allow to download only side 1 of each record. Why?

  3. Somewhere, Someday I'll Find You Home Spun (CO) 45 - 102 (1955) What year was the RCA Rocky Mountain 78 issued ? Sounds same to me?

    1. thought the same initially, but when I loaded both into one file, the version issued on HOME SPUN 102 is 8 seconds or so shorter, of course it could have been edited! However, the final few bars feature a steel guitar, on one version it is played like a dobro, whilst the other is just a regular steel fade out. Strangely the Rocky Mountain 78 does not have the usual year denoted in the master number!

  4. I can't play Home spun 101 as the link = a 2nd link for the Rocky Mountain 78. Thank you for your help.

  5. The songs on Home Spun are the same as the Rocky Mountain

  6. Sorry, my error, loaded wrong tracks - should be okay now.