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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Lenoir City. Tennessee

MERITONE 1001 / 1002
BILL HUSKEY (Guitar Solo)
Record Spinning Boogie (Mer 1001)
(Bob Foster – Smokey Mt. Boys) (No Publisher Noted)
With The Prize Waltz I Won You (Intro – Bob Porter)
(Vocal – R. L. Chrisman) (Mer 1002)
(Bob Porter) (No Publisher Noted)

Hear “Record Spinning Boogie”

Hear “With The Prize Waltz I Won You”


  1. Wow, this might set a new standard in awful. Same solo moronically repeated six or seven times, and even though it's incredibly easy to play, he botches it the last couple of times. And he's so proud of his prowess that he puts his name in big letters on the label like he's Jimmy Bryant.

    Only in America.

  2. HEY That's my Daddy you're talking about!
    Give him a break ! I think he sounds great for a self-taught guitar player. I wish he was here to see this.

  3. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some are better left unsaid. HE happens to be my FATHER (oh I used CAPS) he was self taught and truly LOVED music so why don't you give him a break? Since he has passed I would LOVE to hear him play those chords again even with mistakes but I never can.