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Sunday, 24 October 2010

4 STAR OP 196


  1. Thanks again for the great label shots. Never heard the flip side before. The a side was reissued on a collector Boppin' Hillbilly Cd. Do you know a date of issue? must be before 1955
    I have seen listed Ernie Oleachea on Blue Mountain (WA_ 45 - 221 Brown Eyed Baby / ? (4st) as 1955 + 234 Many Years Ago / ? (4st) as 1956.
    Blue Mountain 272 - 274 - 278 + 293 seem to be issued by Frank Ole'Shay then 295 + 300 issued as Ernie Ole'Shay my guess its the same person? (all 4st pressings) The Drunken Hobo

  2. The Oleachea’s had a total of 12 releases in the 4 STAR OP series. I believe that Oleachea is their actual name but it was “Anglicised” to Ole’shay. Ernie Oleachea had releases at 186 / 196 / 197 / 221 / 274 (the latter as Ernie Ole’Shay). Frank Oleachea had releases at 234, and as Frank Ole’Shay at 259 / 272 / 278 / 293 / 299. The Two also had a release together as Frank & Ernie at 188. They also had a release on the New Jersey COOL label. BLUE MOUNTAIN OP 196 dates from 1954.

  3. Ernie is my grandpa and he was such an incredible singer. He sang his music until the day he died. His name is Oleachea but nobody could ever spell it correctly so they started spelling it ole'Shay.

  4. You could be very right about his name getting switch like that on his albums. Ernie was my grandpa's brother and that's the way it is actually pronounced. Ernie was part of ten kids I can't really remember where fell in age wise with them. Frank was also a one of the ten brothers. Most of the family has been involved on music. Most of the family get-togethers involved us in a circle listening to people playing guitar and singing. Ernie quit his brief music career have a better life for his family. He had seen what fame did to most music stars in that era and did not want that life style for his family. Another thing that put a damper on it was I think he got hit with an I beam on a job and that caused his brain to swell. With that accident happening it kind of messed up his vocal abilities. If you know anyone or you are someone who has any of his vinyl please contact me. I would be very interested in purchasing and pretty much no reasonable price would be refused.
    Devon Oleachea

  5. I interviewed Ernie Oleachea for a local paper in 2005; I'd be happy to e-mail you a copy of the interview if you'd like. dave.wilkins at live.com

  6. So this is what i found
    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 186 : ? / ? - Ernie Oleachea

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 188 : Foot Loose & Fancy Free / Tomorrow Never Fades - Frank & Ernie & Their Blue Mountain Boys

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 196 : Blue Blue Eyes / While I’m Alone - Ernie Oleachea

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 197 : ? / ? - Ernie Oleachea

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 221 : Brown Eyed Baby / ? - Ernie Oleachea (1955)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 234 : Many Years Ago / God Only Knows - Ernie Oleachea (1956)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 259 : Honeymoon Trip To Mars / I Have Nothing More To Do - Ernie Ole’shay ((1956)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 272 : Blue Memories - Ernie Ole’shay (1957)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 274 : Just Like You Handed To Me / Between The Lines - Frank Ole’shay (1958)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 278 : Blue Mountain Lullaby / ITts Too Late - Frank Ole’shay & His Blue Mountain Boys

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 293 : Love, Love, Love Me Honey Do / My Baby’s Not Here (In Town Tonight) - Frank Ole’shay (1959)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 295 : Be My Honey Bee / Won’t Be Around - Frank Ole’shay (1959)

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 299 : ? / ? - Frank Ole'shay

    Blue Mountain (WA) OP 300 : I Might Have Known / Memories - Frank Ole’shay (1959)

    Cool (NJ) 45 - 136 : Frank Ole’shay - Footloose & Fancy Free / Take The Price Tag From Your heart - Fran Ole'shay (1959)

    Crest (CA) 45 - 1056 : Spot Light / Take A Little Time - Frank & Ernie (1959)