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Sunday, 17 October 2010

4 STAR OP 198

From memory I believe that Dick Bills is / was Glen Campbell's uncle. The label apparently is named after Bills daughter, Vicki.


  1. Bills was married to Glen’s father’s sister. I think Glen’s first wife was also Bills’ daughter—maybe Vicki?? Glen was born in Billstown, Arkansas and I assume the town name is taken from the Bills’ family name.

    I’m wondering if Glen is on this record. Dick Bills had a radio and TV show in Albuquerque for several years in the early to mid 50s and Glen was the star member of the band—then known as Dick Bills and The Sandia Mountain Boys. Campbell then formed the Western Wranglers during his 6 or so years in New Mexico—before going to LA.

    One of the TV cable channels did a 60 minute biography of Glen maybe 10 years ago. Some of the background music on the biography included some very hot Bryant/West style instrumentals from Glen’s New Mexico period. Is any of it known to be in collector’s hands?? As far as I know, it hasn’t even been bootlegged. I assume the TV channel got the material directly from Campbell.

  2. I would say Glen is definitely playing on Beggars Can't Bee Choosers. Listen to that electric guitar playing licks all through the verses. Some longtime fans say it definitely sounds like him in his early days.
    By the way, Glen was not married to Dick Bills daughter Vicki, but to a certain Diane Kirk, reportedly when he was 17 and she was 15.

  3. Go to Duke City Fix and there his son Richard and others comment on Dick Bills, important to early television in New Mexico especially the children's show. His son has his memorobilia and this presents a staggering task for him in how to preserve and present it.

  4. Do you have a list of the names of the musicians who played for Dick Bills? I have an Unlce who played along with Dick, Judy and Glen, among some of the others. I can be reached at Rubu217@aol.com

  5. Was there a musician Lonnie F James as a band member? felecito@gmail.com

  6. Does anyone know what happened to Dick Bills?